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Who's What?

Custom Game Co. creates social board and card games that are designed and themed specifically to suit our clients, their companies, and their products.

What is different about social games?

A social game is a card or board game that is simple to learn with engaging game play that involves the players in a positive and social way. These are nothing like the "roll-and-move" games with the "gotcha" element you played as a kid.

Unique products for organizations, communities, and institutions

Custom Game Co. can also create great games that can be used by organizations, communities, and educational institutions as a unique product or premium for fundraising. Why sell generic products when supporters can be offered a unique collectible?

In addition,
Custom Game Co. can create games themed to specific events and festivals. This is a great way for attendees to enjoy a bit of the event year-round in a way that adds value to their festival experience.

Why brand through social game play?

Most advertising is static where the customer is a passive observer of the message. Custom Game Co. provides an immersive branding experience through the medium of social game play. The social interaction of the game draws customers into the world of the company in a way that is available through no other medium.

Through the medium of a social board or card game, customers are drawn as active participants into the world of the company and its products and are rewarded with a positive experience shared with friends, family, and co-workers. This is an opportunity to interact with customers, employees, and shareholders in an exciting way.

Games have been offered by companies as premiums in the past, of course. Games created by
Custom Game Co. offer a unique branding opportunity because of the way both the game system and the theme are crafted to suit the needs of the client. Custom Game Co. is a registered government contractor.

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